Infant, Child & Family Supports

The Family Support Services provided through Community Living Owen Sound and District reflect our commitment to empowering families, and fostering inclusive and supportive communities. 

Our services within identified service areas in Grey Bruce include:

Infant and Child Development

Nurturing the earliest stages of life; our specialized services for children ages newborn to school entry, are for those who are at risk for delays in development, presenting with developmental delay, or diagnosed with a developmental disability.   Intervention services are specific to the child’s unique strengths and needs as identified by the family. 


Special Needs Resource Consulting

For children with special needs enrolled in licensed Grey County day care settings, we provide individualized assistance to optimize development. Through coaching and mentoring we collaborate with Early Childhood Educators to foster an inclusive and supportive early learning environment.  Monitoring progress through developmental screening and providing evidence based early intervention strategies promote optimal child development.

Family Support

We support families who have individuals living at home with a developmental disability from school entry age and beyond. Acting as a dedicated resource, we assist with transitions, connect families to vital resources and funding options, and empower parents on the journey of advocacy. 

These services are funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

Infant and Child Development

Our Infant and Child Development Services are designed to support families in fostering the optimal development of their young ones. From infants to young children, our dedicated professional team is committed to providing family centred services focusing on each child’s unique strengths and needs.

Key Features of Our Services
  1. Supporting families in identifying their child’s areas of strengths and needs
  2. Providing coaching, consultation, recommendations and activity suggestions
  3. Developmental Screening
  4. Working collaboratively with community partners
  5. Connecting families to community resources

Special Needs Resource Consulting

Empowering Every Child, Enriching Every Community.

Our Special Needs Resource Consulting services at Community Living Owen Sound & District are contracted through the County of Grey and funded by the Ministry of Education.

Through coaching and mentoring, we collaborate with Early Childhood Educators to foster an inclusive and supportive early learning environment, enhancing skill sets and building professional capacity. 

Together with family and child care staff, individual Support Plans are developed to promote and support the development of each child’s goal in a supportive child care environment.

Family Support

Empowering Families, Nurturing Futures.

A dedicated resource for parents of those with a developmental disability living at home.  Family Support can provide guidance and resources dependent on your family’s unique needs. 

Whether it’s help to navigate school transitions or life’s milestones we can direct you to essential information, knowledge and resources.  The team at Community Living Owen Sound & District stand as your go-to support system, fostering advocacy skills to empower you as your child’s most effective advocate.

How to Access Family Support Services

Accessing our Infant and Child Development Service, Special Needs Resource Consulting or Family Support is a straight forward process:

  1. Referral
    Parents and legal guardians can self refer to any of the services for children and families.  Professionals and service providers may refer with parental consent.

  2. Consultation and Confirmation of Eligibility
    The CLOS&D staff dedicated to the appropriate service will meet with you to gather information to better understand the support needs of your family and developmental needs of your child.
    If your child is not yet in school, we may complete a baseline screening of your child’s development to confirm eligibility for developmental services.

  3. Consent
    Once deemed eligible for service, completing signed consent and agreement to participate by parent/legal guardian.  All services are voluntary.

  4. Collaborative Planning:
    Families will plan collaboratively with the dedicated staff to create an individualized support plan that identifies the goals for your child and family and how services will be delivered.  Children are discharged from Infant and Child Development Service and Special Needs Resource Consulting upon school entry, when goals are met or by choice.

    Families are eligible for Family Support Services when their child is school age or older, residing in the family home and have a developmental disability diagnosis.

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