Breakfast Club

  Thursday June 13 2024 Breakfast Club at Elsie’s Diner- MAIN OFFICE, OWEN SOUND- $20 per person Come out and enjoy breakfast with friends at Elsie’s Diner!  Please bring your own spending money to purchase your breakfast meal. 9am – 11am RSVP to Marsha Blum by June 12th   @   ow

Grandma Lambs Meaford

  Thursday June 13 2024 Grandma Lambs- MEAFORD- $25 per person Enjoy visiting the sweet and apple shop of Grandma Lambs, and a stop at Tim Hortons! Bring spending money 1pm – 3:30pm RSVP to Marsha Blum by June 12th  @

Billiards and Bowling

Thursday June 13th 2024 Billiards n’ Bowling- BOWLING ALLEY, OWEN SOUND- $65 per person Enjoy spending time with friends bowling and playing a couple games of pool! 1pm – 4pm RSVP to Hayleigh Early   @

DIY Picture Frame Port Elgin

Friday June 14 2024 DIY Picture Frame- PE OFFICE, PORT ELGIN - $55 per person Join us for a morning of crafting; making your own picture frame! 10am – 12pm RSVP to Lisa Penny by June 7th  @

Monster Truck Spectacular

Saturday June 15 2024 Monster Truck Spectacular- BARRIE- $220 per person We will meet in Owen Sound and go to the Monster Truck show in Barrie!  You don’t want to miss this fun! 10am – 7pm RSVP to Theresa St. George   @

Outdoor Games Port Elgin

Monday June 17 2024 Outdoor Games- PORT ELGIN- $20 per person We will head to the Nodwell Park in Port Elgin and enjoy some outdoor games such as washer toss. 10am – 12pm RSVP to Lisa Penny by June 14th  @ por

Canada’s Wonderland

Tuesday June 18 2024 Wonderland- OWEN SOUND- $200 per person Enjoy a day at Canada’s Wonderland! Please bring your own spending money for food and drinks.  (The water park will be closed) 8am – 8pm RSVP to Hayleigh Early by June 4th  @

Cooking Class: Chicken Casserole

Tuesday June 18 2024 Cooking Class- Chicken Casserole- MAIN OFFICE, OWEN SOUND- $40 per person Spend the morning making dinner! This casserole is a blend of chicken, broccoli, and rice, topped off with cheesey goodness.  Make it ahead and take it home to heat it up for dinner!  Please bring your own container. 9:30am – […]

Toronto Blue Jays Game

Tuesday June 18 2024 Toronto Blue Jays Game- PORT ELGIN/OWEN SOUND-  $300 per person Come cheer on your Toronto Blue Jays while they play Boston, in Toronto! 2pm – 2am RSVP to Lisa Penny by June 7th   @

Movie Night

Wednesday June 19 2024 Inside Out 2- GALAXY CINEMAS, OWEN SOUND- $45 per person An all-new adventure inside the head of now-teenager Riley- who may or may not be feeling all kinds of new Emotions.  Bring money if you wish to purchase a snack. Time TBD RSVP to Sierra Ellis  by  June 17th  @

DIY Diamond Ornaments Port Elgin

Wednesday June 19 2024 Diamond Ornaments-PE OFFICE, PORT ELGIN- $20 per person Join us while we make beautiful floral and butterfly diamond dot ornaments! 1pm – 3pm RSVP to Lisa Penny by June 11th  @